Zero Home® Is San Diego Priemer Solar Company& Net Zero Energy Home Building + Remodeling Company

Zero Homes can reduce heating and cooling loads by up to 90% when compared to a traditional house. In addition, a Zero Home integrated approach to design will ensure a seamless integration with your chosen Renewable energy systems.

What is
a Zero Home?

A Zero Home is a Net Zero Energy Home.
Zero Home is a building for which the amount of energy provided by on-site renewable energy sources is equal to the amount of energy used by the building, over the course of one year.

How to Make your Home A Zero Home

A Zero Home Structure needs to achieve a balance between the on-site production of energy and the energy it consumes over the course of one year.

A more efficient home will require less energy to be produced, while a home with high energy requirements will need a larger production capacity.

A Zero Home Structure is not necessarily an off-the-grid home. In order to respond to peak demands and periods of lower energy production (such as reduced sunlight in winter, for solar), a Zero Home may pull power stored in its battery or purchase energy from, or sell back to the grid as required.


Increase energy Efficiency

Analysis the building Energy Requirements

Harden the Building Envelope- Air sealing & Insulation

Add Smart Appliances with Increased Efficiency

Automate your Energy, Don’t Change your Lifestyle


Energy Production

Address remaining needs with onsite renewable energy generation, such as wind, solar or hydro.

Over the Course of one year a Zero Home will balance the customer kWh Load with Solar & Battery’s to reach a yearly Net Zero Consumption